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What We Teach... We are committed to doing our best to keep parents informed. As a valuable partner in the education of our students, you the parent, need to know what is required of schools and school children. At East Side--as in all of our schools in JISD--we follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as the State of Texas' mandated curriculum. We work very hard to make sure that these essentials are taught in a scope and sequence that helps build knowledge and skills in students throughout the school year and from grade level to grade level.

How We Teach... Our district and our campus has high expectations of achievement for all students. We believe all children can learn and all children deserve access to a challenging and engaging school experience. From a first grader learning about capitals and end punctuation the first six weeks of school to a fourth grader writing a full-page composition on the TAKS test in March, it is imperative that we give every child the opportunity to have a meaningful, thought-provoking learning environment.

The TEKS... Below you will find links to the Texas Education Agency's "Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills." These are what we are required by law to teach within the scope of a grade level. We hope that this will be beneficial in helping parents know what their children are expected to learn. You may also want to visit www.tea.state.tx.us for more information on this and other state requirements.